Young Black Women's Society


Highly Motivated, Talented & Intelligent Young Black Women Realizing their Full Potential

Founded in Boston in 2005, the Young Black Women’s Society Inc. (YBWS), was established to provide a platform for women and girls of color to further develop their personal, professional and civic lives. YBWS sought out to be “The Society” for this demographic, providing relevant programming, activities and personal connections that complement their future goals and aspirations. We welcome you to learn about our organization and join our movement as we affect change and strive for advancement and access in Greater Boston and beyond!



In The Spotlight

Co-founders Wachmide Labranche and Alicia Canady accept the Social Action Every Day Hero Award on behalf of YBWS.


YBWS members pose with the 2010 Rosoff Award given to the YBWS girls program, Future Leaders by Design.